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What We Do & How We Help

Market movers was incepted to help provide high-level investment information and education to its members. We aim to create and cater to investors of all skill sets, with a goal of formulating a strong investment foundation. Our main initiative is to ensure to the everyday investor that they are provided with the proper tools to effectively create an investment strategy that works for them. This company was founded on passion for the stock market and gratification from seeing Market Movers members succeed.


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Some Of The Services We Provide To You

Long Term Investing

Every month, we offer 3-5 long-term stock picks that come with extremely thorough research and statistics. To guarantee that customers receive top-notch recommendations each month to construct a long-term portfolio, a team of experts uses data to inform their selections. All stock picks come with support and a team to answer your questions!

Financial Newsletter

We offer a FREE weekly newsletter that covers: Startups, Equities, Technology, and International Markets! This is your one-stop shop for all stock-related news to keep you ahead of the curve. Through our FREE weekly newsletter, you will be able to: Find out which stocks are increasing and when to buy them; learn about the cutting-edge technologies that might change industries; become familiar with cutting-edge companies; and follow international news that effects the United States.

Stocks & Options

With these two investment opportunities , we aim to help members grow their investment portfolios, while building long-term wealth. Our team is dedicated to providing members with the research, news, data, daily stock signals, and options necessary to help you succeed. Through taking advantage of these resources, we hope to see investors create an investment resumé that enables them toward financial freedom.


A Price To Cater For All

Tier 1

$14.99 / month

Tier 1 Announcements

Daily Buy In Alerts

Financial News

Daily Watchlist

Tier 1 Level Long Term Investments

Beginner Trading Guide

ROTH IRA Setup Guide

1:1 Support with Team

Tier 2

$49.99 / month

Tier 2 Announcements

Daily Priced Buy In Alerts

Financial News

Daily Watchlist

Access to live trades made by the Analyst Team

Short term, long term, and high roller stock list

Options Buy in Alerts

Price Targets

Full Suit of Trading Guides

Roth IRA Setup Guide

1:1 Support with Team